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Luca non ha storie. È consapevole che la prostituzione coincide in gran parte con la sua sessualità, almeno per ora, e che soddisfa il suo bisogno d’intimità, comunicazione e eros. Definisce i clienti - gente che paga 500 euro quattro volte alla settimana per presentarlo come il fidanzato, lo porta a cena con i colleghi e dichiara “è il mio avvocato” e poi magari neppure vuole andare a letto – i suoi “ospiti”. Lo invitano in albergo ma anche a casa, la mattina dopo non sono imbarazzati se i bambini lo trovano in accappatoio al tavolo della colazione, lo definiscono “il nostro personal trainer”. Sono “ospiti” anche i ricchi uomini d’affari dell’Est che vengono a Milano per business e lo affittano per una notte di sesso ma anche per farsi accompagnare nei negozi di lusso. In questi giri di shopping Luca guadagna non solo la sua tariffa, ma anche regali: tappeti antichi, orologi di marca, accessori di pregio. E congedandolo gli ospiti dicono: «Sei meglio di una medicina». A proposito di medicine, Luca non nega di usarle, a volte: «Danno resistenza nei periodi di lavoro frenetico. Se qualcuno non mi piace fisicamente, per eccitarmi uso la fantasia o i film porno». Ma di solito gli basta «la trasgressione», ovvero organizzare un festino con più uomini per una sua “ospite”, persino su commissione del marito, o accompagnare un’esibizionista in abiti succinti a passeggio, sapendo che tutti guardano e invidiano. Quando è solo, dice, al sesso non pensa. Si dedica al collezionismo, alla musica classica, alla lettura. Compra giornali finanziari e ha votato a destra, anche se è deluso. Politicamente si definisce «un liberale alla Oscar Giannino», ed è credente, anche se «lontano dai sacramenti da cinque anni».

Interview with Luca Borromeo appeared in the italian magazine AMICA of November 2011 by Paola Tavella.

Luca Borromeo is 30 years old, shaved heads, muscular physique and mischievous eyes. He's a gigolo since 2007. He gets to his home. He wears loafers and white snakeskin belt. Four years ago he left a job as insurer: "Now I have a good balance, before I was boring, framed." Earns an average of 6 thousand Euros per month tax free, and he details the charges: "Rent a place in the center, beauty parlor, car, gym, advertising, tailored clothes." He doesn't shave ("there is more market for men manly and mature"), only shortens the pubic hair to highlight his skills. Puts money aside: "I'm buying an apartment," he says. He's very kind, lively, great conversationalist, informed. Plans to work much longer, perhaps up to fifty years. If he were to really fall in love, he could live with a woman: "As long as it was clear that everyone is free to have an erotic life independently." His parents are aware. His father asked him if he earns well, has recommended good investments. The mother has begged him not to come and to know their relatives. He studied electronics technician, then joined in philosophy. He put an ad on a website and some photos of escorts "for fun" and have come dozens of phone calls. The secret of success is to follow his inclinations. It excites "the situation, because it is exceptional. You go out to dinner, or at home customer, and then at some point the sex bomb bursts, and burst it's me. Kiss on the mouth with the tongue, I go to bed and with women with both couples and single men, and with men do everything, I have far fewer limits, which are a heterosexual, gay. " Women fascinate him: "I am volcanoes, but harnessed by social conventions. Almost all would run in front of the massive waves that can trigger a female who is abandoned to its instincts. Not me. " His clients are divorced, single melancholy, or women who want to leave the boyfriend consolation and reassurance, or neglected and betrayed wives, mostly between 30 and 50 years. Couples the slip as a diversion in a tired relationship, to look at each other or catch up with some treason. The men are of all ages and all nationalities, passing through Milan or as regular customers. Some gay, some straight curious, who appreciate a bit 'of sex between men, uninhibited but marked by a frank manliness locker room: "Like two boxers who, after a grueling match in the ring to release adrenaline have sex in the shower». Luke has no stories. He is aware that prostitution largely coincides with his sexuality, at least for now, and that satisfies his need for intimacy, communication and eros. Defines customers - people who pay 500 Euro four times a week to present him as the boyfriend, takes him to dinner with colleagues and said "it's my lawyer" and then maybe even want to go to bed - his "guests". They invite him to the hotel but also at home on the morning after the kids are not embarrassed if they find in bathrobe at the breakfast table, call him "our personal trainer." They are "guests" even the wealthy Eastern businessmen who come to Milan for business and rented for a night of sex but also to be accompanied in the luxury stores. In these rounds of shopping not only Luke earns his fee, but also gifts: antique carpets, designer watches, top-quality accessories. And dismissing the guests say: "You are better than medicine." About drugs, Luke does not deny using them, at times: "They give strength in times of hectic work. If someone does not like me physically, to excite the imagination or the use of porn. " But usually just "transgression," or organize a party with more men for his "guest", even commissioned by the husband, or accompanying an exhibitionist in skimpy clothes for a walk, knowing that everyone looks and envy. When he is alone, he says, does not think of sex. He is dedicated to collecting, classical music, reading. Buy financial papers and voted on the Right, although he is disappointed. Politically it calls "a liberal to Oscar Giannino," and is a believer, even though "away from the sacraments of five years.


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